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Mechatronic Systems: Simulation Modeling and Control 

by Annalisa Milella Donato Di Paola, Grazia Cicirelli

Publisher: InTech 2010

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Mechatronic Systems Simulation Modeling and Control 

Description of this Ebook

This book collects fifteen relevant papers in the field of mechatronic systems. Mechatronics, the synergistic blend of mechanics, electronics, and computer science, integrates the best design practices with the most advanced technologies to realize high-quality products, guaranteeing at the same time a substantial reduction in development time and cost. Topics covered in this book include simulation, modelling and control of electromechanical machines, machine components, and mechatronic vehicles. New software tools, integrated development environments, and systematic design methods are also introduced. The editors are extremely grateful to all the authors for their valuable contributions. The book begins with eight chapters related to modelling and control of electromechanical machines and machine components. Chapter 9 presents a nonlinear model for the control of a three-DOF helicopter. A helicopter model and a control method of the model are also presented and validated experimentally in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 introduces a planar laboratory testbed for the simulation of autonomous proximity manoeuvres of a uniquely control actuator configured spacecraft. Integrated methods of simulation and Real-Time control aiming at improving the efficiency of an iterative design process of control systems are presented in Chapter 12. Reliability analysis methods for an embedded Open Source Software (OSS) are discussed in Chapter 13. A new specification technique for the conceptual design of self-optimizing mechatronic systems is presented in Chapter 14. Chapter 15 provides a general overview of design specificities including mechanical and control considerations for micro-mechatronic structures. It also presents an example of a new optimal synthesis method to design topology and associated robust control methodologies for monolithic compliant microstructures.


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