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List of Books of Available

Advanced Magnetic Materials by Leszek Malkinski (ed.)

Applied Mechanics by Gaetano Lanza

Carbon Nanotubes by Jose Mauricio Marulanda

Convection and Conduction Heat Transfer by Amimul Ahsan

Deformation Theory of Plasticity by Robert Millard Jones

Elements of X Ray Diffraction by B.D. Cullity

Ferroelectromagnets Fifty years after discovery by I. E. Chupis

Fundamentals of Die Casting Design by Genick Bar-Meir

Materials of Engineering Construction by Clement T Wiskocil

Mechanics of Materials by Madhukar Vable

Nanocrystal by Yoshitake Masuda

Nanomaterials A Sojourn by B Viswanathan

Nanotechnology by Wikibooks 2010

New Tribological Ways by Taher Ghrib

The Mechanical Properties of Wood by Samuel J. Record

Wave Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications by Andrey Petrin


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