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List of books available

Automated Manufacturing Systems with PLCs by Hugh Jack

Factory Automation by Javier Silvestre-Blanes

Fuel Cell Handbook by U.S. Department of Energy

Fundamentals of Combustion by Joseph M. Powers

Fundamentals of Die Casting Design by Genick Bar-Meir

Industrial Robotics Programming Simulation and Applications by Low Kin Huat

Industrial Robotics Theory Modelling and Control by Sam Cubero

Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems by Hugh Jack

Manufacturing Processes and Materials Exercises by Miltiadis A. Boboulos

Manufacturing the Future by V. Kordic, A. Lazinica, M. Merdan

Multiprocessor Scheduling Theory and Applications by Eugene Levner

Planning Algorithms by Steven M. LaValle

Process Management by Maria Pomffyova

Supply Chain by Vedran Kordic by Pengzhong Li

Supply Chain Management


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