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Advances in Sonar Technology by Sergio Rui Silva

An Exploration of Random Processes for Engineers by Bruce Hajek

An Introduction to Digital Signal Processing by J. H. Karl

An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing by R. M. Gray, L. D. Davisson

Bayesian Spectrum Analysis and Parameter Estimation by G. Larry Bretthorst

Concise Signal Models by Michael Wakin

Detection of Abrupt Changes Theory and Application by Michele Basseville, Igor V. Nikiforov

Digital Filter Design by Zoran Milivojević

Digital Filters by Fausto Pedro García Marquez

Digital Filters and Signal Processing by F.P.G. Marquez, N. Zaman (ed.)

DSP Designing for Optimal Results Publisher: Xilinx, Inc. 2005

Elements of Signal Detection and Estimation by Carl W. Helstrom

Fast Fourier Transforms by C. Sidney Burrus, at al.

Fourier Transform Signal Processing by Salih Mohammed Salih

Hidden Markov Models Estimation and Control by R. J. Elliott, L. Aggoun, J. B. Moore

Introduction to Digital Filters with Audio Applications by Julius O. Smith III

Introduction To Random Processes by William A. Gardner

Introduction to Signal Processing by Sophocles J. Orfanidis

Kalman Filter by Vedran Kordic

Kalman Filter Recent Advances and Applications by Victor M. Moreno, Alberto Pigazo

Mathematics of the Discrete Fourier Transform DFT with Audio Applications by Julius O. Smith III

Mixed signal and DSP Design Techniques by Walt Kester

Modern Signal Processing by Daniel N. Rockmore, Jr, Dennis M. Healy

Nonlinear Parameter Estimation An Integrated System in Basic by John C. Nash

Notes on the Design of Optimal FIR Filters by John Treichler

Optimal Filtering by B.D.O. Anderson, J.B. Moore

Optimum Signal Processing by Sophocles J. Orfanidis

Physical Audio Signal Processing by Julius O. Smith III

Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging by Avinash C. Kak, Malcolm Slaney

R.R.Bahadur s Lectures on the Theory of Estimation by Raghu Raj Bahadur, at al.

Signal Processing by Sebastian Miron

Signal Processing for Communications by Paolo Prandoni, Martin Vetterli

Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems by E. A. Lee, P. Varaiya

The Fourier Transform and its Applications by Brad Osgood

The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis Publisher: Agilent Technologies 2000

The Scientist and Engineer s Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith

The Theory of Linear Prediction by P. Vaidyanathan

Wireless Communications Signal Processing Perspectives by H. V. Poor, G. W. Wornell


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