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Advances in Robotics Automation and Control by Jesus Aramburo, Antonio R. Trevino

Advances in Service Robotics by Ho Seok Ahn

Automation and Robotics by Juan Manuel Ramos Arreguin

Bioinspiration and Robotics Walking and Climbing Robots by Maki K. Habib

Cutting Edge Robotics 2010 by Vedran Kordic

Frontiers in Robotics Automation and Control by Alexander Zemliak

Humanoid Robots New Developments by Armando Carlos de Pina Filho

Industrial Robotics Programming Simulation and Applications by Low Kin Huat

Mobile Robotics by Paul Michael Newman

Mobile Robots Navigation by Alejandra Barrera

Mobile Robots Towards New Applications by Aleksandar Lazinica

New Approaches in Automation and Robotics by Harald Aschemann

Recent Advances in Multi Robot Systems by Aleksandar Lazinica

Remote and Telerobotics by Nicolas Mollet

Robot Localization and Map Building by Hanafiah Yussof

Robot Manipulators Trends and Development by Agustin Jimenez, Basil M Al Hadithi

Service Robot Applications by Yoshihiko Takahashi



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