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Electrical Engineering ebooks (PowerEngineering)

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Electrical Generation and Distribution Systems and Power Quality Disturbances by Gregorio Romero Rey, Luisa Martinez Muneta

Electric Drive Systems and Operation by Valery Vodovozov

Electric Machines and Drives by Miroslav Chomat

Introduction to Power Electronics by Valery Vodovozov

Notes for an Introductory Course on Electrical Machines and Drives by E.G. Strangas

Power Electronics Devices Drivers Applications and Passive Components by Barry W. Williams

Power Quality by Andreas Eberhard

Power Quality Harmonics Analysis and Real Measurements Data by Gregorio Romero Rey, Luisa Martinez Muneta

Sun Power The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis by Ralph Nansen

Transformer Practice Manufacture Assembling Connections Operation and Testing by William Thomas Taylor

Wind Energy Systems by Gary L. Johnson

Wind Turbines by T. Al-Shemmeri


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