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Power Quality Harmonics Analysis and Real Measurements Data 

by Gregorio Romero Rey, Luisa Martinez Muneta

Publisher: InTech 2011

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Power Quality Harmonics Analysis and Real Measurements Data 

Description of this Ebook

Nowadays, the increasing use of power electronics equipment origins important distortions. The perfect AC power systems are a pure sinusoidal wave, both voltage and current, but the ever-increasing existence of non-linear loads modify the characteristics of voltage and current from the ideal sinusoidal wave. This deviation from the ideal wave is reflected by the harmonics and, although its effects vary depending on the type of load, it affects the efficiency of an electrical system and can cause considerable damage to the systems and infrastructures. Ensuring optimal power quality after a good design and devices means productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and profitability. Nevertheless, nobody can assure the optimal power quality when there is a good design if the correct testing and working process from the obtained data is not properly assured at every instant; this entails processing the real data correctly. In this book the reader will be introduced to the harmonics analysis from the real measurement data and to the study of different industrial environments and electronic devices.


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