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by Igor Minin

Publisher: InTech 2011

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Description of this Ebook

This book is planned to publish with an objective to provide a state-of-art reference book in the area of microsensors for engineers, scientists, applied physicists and post-graduate students. Also the aim of the book is the continuous and timely dissemination of new and innovative research and developments in microsensors. This reference book is a collection of 13 chapters characterized in 4 parts: magnetic sensors, chemical, optical microsensors and applications. This book provides an overview of resonant magnetic field microsensors based on MEMS, optical microsensors, the main design and fabrication problems of miniature sensors of physical, chemical and biochemical microsensors, chemical microsensors with ordered nanostructures, surface-enhanced Raman scattering microsensors based on hybrid nanoparticles, etc. Several interesting applications area are also discusses in the book like MEMS gyroscopes for consumer and industrial applications, microsensors for non invasive imaging in experimental biology, a heat flux microsensor for direct measurements in plasma surface interactions and so on.


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