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Advances on Analysis and Control of Vibrations Theory and Applications by M.Z. de la Hoz, F. Pozo

Basic Concepts in Turbo machinery by Grant Ingram

Climate and Transportation Solutions by Daniel Sperling, James S. Cannon

Computer Analysis Reinforced Concrete Design of Beams by Fady R. S. Rostom

Concise Hydraulics by Dawei Han

Concrete and Reinforced Concrete by W. Noble Twelvetrees

Concrete Engineers Handbook by George Hool, Nathan C. Johnson

Design of Wood Frame Structures for Permanence AWC 2006

Details for Conventional Wood Frame Construction ICC 2001

Earthquake Engineering by Halil Sezen (ed.)

Earthquake Engineering for Concrete Dams National Academies 1990

Elementary Applied Mechanics by A. W. Thomson, T. Alexander

Fundamentals of Transportation Wikibooks 2009

Heavy Timber Construction AWC 2004

Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering Methods

Modern Masonry Natural Stone and Clay Products

Monitoring of Internal Moisture Loads in Residential Buildings by Lois Arena, Pallavi Mantha

Plank And Beam Framing for Residential Buildings American Wood Council 2003

Practical Astronomy by George L. Hosmer

Practical Astronomy for Engineers by Frederick Hanley Seares

Principles of Highway Engineering by Carroll Carson Wiley

Project Management for Construction by Chris Hendrickson, Tung Au

Queueing Theory by Ivo Adan, Jacques Resing

Robotics and Automation in Construction by C. Balaguer, M. Abderrahim

Roller Coaster Physics by Tony Wayne

Science Pertaining To Civil Engineering International TextBook Company 1927

Seismic Design for Buildings Dept. of the Army 1982

Studies in the Economics of Transportation by M.J. Beckmann, C.B. McGuire, C.B. Winsten

The Mechanical Properties of Wood by Samuel J. Record

Tongue and Groove Roof Decking AWC 2003

Transportation Economics by D. Levinson, D. Gillen, M. Iacono

Urban Transportation Networks by Yosef Sheffi

Urban Travel Demand A Behavioral Analysis by Tom Domencich, Daniel L. McFadden




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