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NASA at 50: Interviews with NASA's Senior Leadership 

by Rebecca Wright, Sandra Johnson, Steven J. Dick

Publisher: NASA 2012

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Description of this Ebook

Chapter 1 // Michael D. Griffin

Chapter 2 // Shana L. Dale
Deputy Administrator

Chapter 3 // Rex D. Geveden
Associate Administrator

Chapter 4 // Charles H. Scales
Associate Deputy Administrator

Chapter 5 // Bryan D. O’Connor
Chief, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

Chapter 6 // Christopher J. Scolese
Associate Administrator/Former Chief Engineer

Chapter 7 // Scott N. Pace
Associate Administrator for Program Analysis and Evaluation

Chapter 8 // William H. Gerstenmaier
Associate Administrator for Space Operations

Chapter 9 // Scott J. Horowitz
Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems

Chapter 10 // S. Alan Stern
Associate Administrator for Science

Chapter 11 // Jaiwon Shin
Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research

Chapter 12 // Michael F. O’Brien
Assistant Administrator for External Relations

Chapter 13 // Robert W. Cobb
Inspector General for NASA

Chapter 14 // J. T. Jezierski
Deputy Chief of Staff, White House Liaison


Chapter 15 // S. Pete Worden
Center Director, Ames Research Center

Chapter 16 // Kevin L. Petersen
Center Director, Dryden Flight Research Center

Chapter 17 // Woodrow Whitlow, Jr.
Center Director, Glenn Research Center

Chapter 18 // Edward J. Weiler
Center Director, Goddard Space Flight Center

Chapter 19 // Charles Elachi
Center Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Chapter 20 // Michael L. Coats
Center Director, Johnson Space Center

Chapter 21 // William W. Parsons
Center Director, Kennedy Space Center

Chapter 22 // Lesa B. Roe
Center Director, Langley Research Center

Chapter 23 // David A. King
Center Director, Marshall Space Flight Center

Chapter 24 // Richard J. Gilbrech
Center Director, Stennis Space Center


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