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Wind Tunnels 

by Satoru Okamoto

Publisher: InTech 2011

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Description of this Ebook

Although great advances in computational methods have been made in recent years, wind tunnel tests remain essential for obtaining the full range of data required to guide detailed design decisions for various practical engineering problems. This book collects original and innovative research studies on recent applications in wind tunnel tests, exhibiting various investigation directions and providing a bird’s eye view on this broad subject area. It is composed of seven chapters that have been grouped in two major parts. The first part of the book (chapters 1–4) deals with wind tunnel technologies and devices. The second part (chapters 5–7) deals with the latest applications of wind tunnel testing. The text is addressed not only to researchers but also to professional engineers, engineering lecturers, and students seeking to gain better understanding of the current status of wind tunnels. Through its seven chapters, the reader will have an access to a wide range of works related to wind tunnel testing.

  • Chapter 1  Environmental Wind Tunnels
  • Chapter 2  Dynamically Improved 6-DOF System for Measurements of Forces and Torques in Wind Tunnels
  • Chapter 3  Stiffness Enhancement and Motion Control of a 6-DOF Wire-driven Parallel Manipulator with Redundant Actuations for Wind Tunnels
  • Chapter 4  Rebuilding and Analysis of a SCIROCCO PWT Test on a Large TPS Demonstrator
  • Chapter 5  Flow Visualization and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of Aeroelastic Phenomena
  • Chapter 6  Wind Tunnel Testing of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for Control Surface Actuation
  • Chapter 7  Experimental Study of Flow-Induced Vibrations and Scattering of Roof Tiles by Wind Tunnel Testing



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