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Rocket Propulsion Elements


List of chapter available



Definitions and Fundamentals

Nozzle Theory and Thermodynamic Relations

Flight Performance

Chemical Rocket Propellant Performance Analysis

Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Fundamentals

Liquid Propellants

Thrust Chambers

Combustion of Liquid Propellants

Turbopumps, Engine Design, Engine Controls, Calibration,
Integration, and Optimization

Solid Propellant Rocket Fundamentals

Solid Propellants

Combustion of Solid Propellants

Solid Rocket Components and Motor Design

Hybrid Propellant Rockets

Thrust Vector Control

Selection of Rocket Propulsion Systems

Rocket Exhaust Plumes

Electric Propulsion

Rocket Testing

Book Details

The book attempts to strike a balance between theory, analysis, and practical design or engineering tasks; between propulsion system and nonpropulsion system subjects, which are related (such as testing, flight performance, orexhaust plumes); and between rocket systems and their key components and materials. There is an emphasis on up-to-date information on current propulsion systems and the relation between the propulsion system, the flight vehicle,and the needs of the overall mission or flight objectives





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