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Rocket and Space Corporation by S. P. Korolev


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Editor's Introduction
When I first acquired an imprint of the original Russian edition of this book I sat and perused the pages in stunned silence. I felt as though I had fallen into some kind of strange parallel universe. Within the pages were pictures of things familiar and yet not so.

It is perhaps a testament to the ingenious human spirit that two entirely divergent cultures could make such remarkable strides in the field of space exploration and yet indelibly stamp their own mark on the designs. The inexorable laws of physics dictate that there are certain absolutes which constrain us, but the fact remains that there are many ways to achieve the same goals.

In the following pages you will see images which bring to life the dextrous faculties of the Russian engineers and scientists. Arrayed within are an impressive string of designs which placed the Russian people in the vanguard of space exploring nations.

In much the same way as the United States had done, the victorious forces of the Soviet Union returned home at the end of World War 2 with the spoils of war. Accessing much of the remarkable research undertaken by the German scientists at Peenemiinde the great designer S.R Korolev brought the R-l missile to life and placed his country on a road peppered with historic accomplishments.

From I957's first artificial satellite Sputnik through to the remarkable space stations of the end of the 20th century the Russian people and the engineers and scientists of Rocket & Space Corporation Energia have created and sustained an impressive legacy of technological triumphs.

At the turn of the millennium the Russian and American people are now working together with people from around the world to establish the International Space Station. Undoubtedly this synergy between East and West has only just begun to bear fruit and the world has yet to see where this new detente between old adversaries will lead us. One thing is clear however, the aptitude and excellence of the designs which continue to emerge from Rocket and Space Corporation Energia will continue to surprise us.
Robert Godwin
(Editor - English Edition)




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