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Efficient Viscous Design Of Aircraft Configuration by Richard L Campbell


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This paper addresses the use of the Constrained
Direct Iterative Surface Curvature (CDISC) design
method in the aircraft design process. A discussion of
some of the requirements for practical use of CFD in the
design process is followed by a description of different
CFD design methods, along with their relative strengths
and weaknesses. A detailed description of the CDISC
design method highlights some of the aspects of the
method that provide computational efficiency and
portability, as well as the flow and geometry constraint
capabilities. In addition, an efficient approach to
multipoint design, the Weighted Averaging of
Geometries (WAG) method, is described and illustrated
using a couple of simple examples. The CDISC and
WAG methods are then applied to a complex generic
business jet geometry using an unstructured grid flow
solver to demonstrate the multipoint and
multicomponent design capabilities of these methods.




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