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Books for Helicoptor

Chandrayan ( India's First Mission to moon)

Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures by Alan Baker - Stuart Dutton - Donald kelly

Rocket Propulsion Elements by GEORGE P. SUTTON and OSCAR BIBLARZ

Ying Advanced Dynamics by By Shuh Jing (Benjamin) Ying

A Brief History of Time by stephen hawking

A First Course on Aerodynamics by bookboon.com

Aerodynamic Drag Reduction by Vortex Generators

Aerodynamics Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics

Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic flight control by Jan Roskam

Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance by Jan Roskam

Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicles Structures

Analytical Mechanics of Aerospace Systems By Schaub Hanspeter and Junkins John

Aviation Fuels Technical Review by Chevron

Aerodynamics by N. A. V. Piercy

Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics of Turbojet Aircraft by T.I. Ligum

Aerospace Technologies Advancements by Thawar T. Arif

Aircraft Propulsion a Review of the Evolution of Aircraft Piston Engines by C. Fayette Taylor

Apollo by the Numbers A Statistical Reference by Richard W. Orloff

Applied Aerodynamics by Leonard Bairstow

Basics of Space Flight by Dave Doody

Beyond Horizons A Half Century of Air Force Space Leadership by David N. Spires

Breaking the Mishap Chain by P.W. Merlin, G.A. Bendrick, D.A. Holland

Coming Home by Roger D. Launius, Dennis R. Jenkins

Dressing for Altitude by Dennis R. Jenkins

Engines and Innovation Lewis Laboratory and American Propulsion Technology by Virginia P. Dawson

Facing the Heat Barrier A History of Hypersonics by T. A. Heppenheimer

Flight Without Formulae Simple Discussions on the Mechanics of the Aeroplane by Emile Auguste Duchene

From Stargazers to Starships by David P. Stern

Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow by Christopher E. Brennen
Helicopter Aerodynamics by D. I. Bazov

How to design build and test small liquid fuel rocket engines by Leroy J. Krzycki

Introduction to the Aerodynamics of Flight by Theodore A. Talay

Lecture notes gas dynamics by Joseph M. Powers

Modeling Flight by Joseph R. Chambers

Nasa at 50 by Rebecca Wright, Sandra Johnson, Steven J. Dick

NASA Engineers and the Age of Apollo by Sylvia Doughty Fries

Natural Aerodynamics by R.S. Scorer

Orders of Magnitude A History of the NACA by Roger E. Bilstein

Psychology of Space Exploration by Douglas A. Vakoch

Pursuit of Power by Robert S. Arrighi

Quest for Performance The Evolution of Modern Aircraft by Laurence K. Loftin, Jr.

Remembering the Space Age by Steven J. Dick

Resources of Near Earth Space by J. S. Lewis, M. S. Matthews

Rockets and People 1 by Boris Chertok

Rockets and People 2 by Boris Chertok

Rockets and People 3 by Boris Chertok

Rockets and People 4 by Boris Chertok

Societal Impact of Spaceflight Publisher: NASA 2007

Spacecraft Dynamics by Thomas R. Kane

Space Handbook by Robert W. Buchheim

Taming Liquid Hydrogen The Centaur Upper Stage Rocket by Virginia P. Dawson, Mark D. Bowles

The Apollo Spacecraft A Chronology by Ivan D. Ertel, at al.

The Secret of Flight by Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson, Claes Johnson

The Smell Of Kerosene by Donald L. Mallick

The Wind and Beyond by James R. Hansen,

Wind Tunnels by Satoru Okamoto

Wingless Flight The Lifting Body Story by R. Dale Reed

Basics of Aeronautics

Basics of Space Flight Rocket Propulsion

Collins Avionics Glossary

Efficient Viscous Design of Aircraft Configuration by Richard L Campbell

Intro to Space Sciences and Spacecraft Applications By Bruce A Campbell and Samuel Walter McCandless,Jr

Introduction to Aerodynamics of Flight NASA by Theodore A. Talay ( Langley Research Center )

NASA US X Vehicles from the X-1 to the X-50 by Dennis R. Jenkins, Tony Landis, and Jay Miller

Rocket Propulsion by Anna University

Rocket and Space Corporation by S. P. Korolev

Space Shuttle Avionics System by John F. Hanaway and Robert W. Moorehead

Thiokol Propulsion ROCKET BASICS - A guide to Solid Propellant Recketry




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